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Whether you decide to plead guilty or not guilty to criminal charges getting legal advice and representation from an experienced criminal lawyer can change the outcome of your case. Here are 8 very good reasons why you need an expert criminal lawyer.

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The law changes frequently and complex issues often arise. It takes years of experience to become a criminal lawyer. Steering your way through a criminal law matter will require you to understand the law, such as that contained in the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Act, the Crimes Act, the Misuse of Drugs Act, the Evidence Act, the Road Traffic Act or the Sentencing Act. By engaging an expert for your criminal law matter you will save yourself significant amounts of stress, worry, time and disruption to both your working and personal life.


Some people think that engaging a criminal lawyer is going to be too costly. But not engaging a criminal lawyer is likely to cost you more. Being unrepresented exposes you to the risk of disastrous outcomes such as:

  1. being falsely or incorrectly charged
  2. being found guilty when you are innocent
  3. being sent to prison when you shouldn’t
  4. your DNA being placed on the state police or national database
  5. being disqualified from holding or obtaining a drivers licence when you can’t manage your life without it
  6. being disadvantaged in a job application process because you are required to disclose your criminal record
  7. termination of your employment because your employer has found out have a criminal record.

An experienced criminal lawyer can assist you to avoid these types of outcomes. When the stakes are high the costs involved are always worth it. Making a phone call to a criminal lawyer and arranging an appointment is obligation free. Attaining legal advice at an initial consultation with a criminal law expert will help you to understand the difference a criminal lawyer can make to your case.


Often a critical time in a case is the time when you are arrested and requested to participate in a police interview. You’re unsure what to say or how to interact with the police. You need to know what your rights are, and what to do. This is a very important time to engage a criminal law expert.


You don’t want to be remanded in custody while you wait for your trial or for your criminal charges to be finalised. If you are refused bail by the court you cannot have the application reheard before the same court unless a change of circumstances exists. So it’s important to get it right the first time. A criminal lawyer will help prepare and present your bail application properly and will focus on the issues that are required to be addressed when arguing for your release from custody.


In a criminal trial, the rules of evidence can be complex. For example, during the course of a trial, unrepresented persons often ask questions which do not comply with the rules of evidence. Their cross-examination of a witness is then likely to be met with interruption and objection from the prosecution resulting in the court ruling that they cannot continue with that line of questioning. A good criminal lawyer will know what questions should be put to a witness and how the question should be framed. A good criminal lawyer can also present legal arguments to the court about why a line of questioning (which has been objected to by the prosecution) is relevant and should be allowed. A criminal lawyer will also have a strategic plan for the cross-examination of particular witnesses which can ultimately change the outcome of the case.


An experienced criminal lawyer can identify weaknesses and deficiencies in the prosecution case well before the matter even gets to trial. During the preparation for the trial, the lawyer can identify evidence that is inadmissible meaning that the prosecution is not be allowed to present that evidence. An experienced criminal lawyer will contact the prosecution prior to trial and ensure that the prosecution won’t lead or adduce that evidence during the trial.


An experienced criminal lawyer knows how and when it is appropriate to make a public interest submission to the prosecution arguing (on public interest grounds) why the charge against their client ought to be discontinued. This is a most positive outcome because the charge falls away without the need for a trial. Public interest submissions should be drafted in a particular way and address specific criteria. An experienced criminal lawyer will be aware of that criteria.


If you plead guilty or are convicted after trial and your matter is proceeding to a sentencing hearing a criminal lawyer can help you avoid imprisonment. Your lawyer will understand the sentencing law as it applies to your case and will present a plea in mitigation which will work to your advantage.

You wouldn’t perform your own surgical operation. The same should be said for a criminal law case. If you think that you can safeguard against an undesirable outcome in a criminal case without engaging a criminal lawyer, think again. You need an experienced criminal lawyer.


I take the immense responsibility of representing accused persons very seriously. I have dedicated my legal career to defending people charged under the criminal law of Western Australia. Throughout my career, I have appeared as legal counsel in literally hundreds of criminal trials and sentencing hearings in courts at all levels. I regularly liaise and negotiate with the police and the prosecution with a view to achieving the best possible outcome for my clients. I have a strong and ongoing professional relationship with Perth’s most recognized criminal law barristers who are frequently engaged to act as legal counsel in long trials which involve complex issues.

My firm does not take on matters involving family law, commercial litigation, personal injuries, property disputes or anything of that nature. That’s because I specialize in what I know – criminal law. It’s against that background that my clients feel confident that they have engaged a criminal lawyer who will develop a strong effective defence strategy and will achieve the most positive outcome possible.


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