• Criminal Lawyers Colorado

Not every legal issue requires you to hire an attorney, and not every matter that requires an attorney necessarily requires a criminal lawyer. If there are times when you’ve gotten yourself into a sticky situation, then chances are good that you need to hire an experienced criminal lawyer.

Charges like drunk driving, possession of a controlled substance, or theft might mean you face incarceration in jail, probation, licence prohibition, a criminal record, and other consequences are all situations when you should call a criminal defence lawyer.

What exactly are the duties of a criminal lawyer? Below are the five criminal lawyer duties and responsibilities:


1. Criminal Lawyers Know the Process

An experienced criminal lawyer is regularly in front of judges in criminal courts, and are thus familiar with their preferences and likely outcomes during sentencing. In some cases, a good criminal lawyer can step in and communicate with the prosecutor to try to make a change to the charges filed and their severity.

Special knowledge allows criminal lawyers to evaluate and accept plea offers, understand and take advantage of diversion opportunities, and know all the potential defence strategies along with what you might expect from both the prosecutor and the judge.

2. Criminal Lawyers Can Predict the Possible Outcomes

A criminal defence lawyer will know all the possible outcomes in terms of a formal sentence as well as any long-term, informal consequences. Different charges have different consequences, and so you need to have a very clear understanding of all of the potential outcomes in order to make an informed decision regarding whether you should accept a plea deal or take the case to trial.

You also need to clearly understand the less immediate consequences of a disposition, like immigration consequences, penalty enhancement for future or pending cases, employment-related consequences, and eligibility for record-clearing.

3. Criminal Lawyers Are Devoted to Your Case

Even if you qualify financially for a crown-appointed lawyer, there are benefits to finding the money to work with a private criminal defence lawyer. Public defenders are usually dedicated and experienced, but they work under the constraints of a federal budget. Meetings with a public defender will likely be brief, usually in the halls outside the courtroom on days of the hearing. Furthermore, a public defender’s budget might limit your access to forensic experts and testing that could potentially strengthen your defence.

A private criminal defence attorney limits his or her resources and time to just the individuals being defended. They will also take the proper amount of time to meet with the client in order to educate him or her on the process and let them know their possible defence strategies.

4. Criminal Lawyers Have Experience

Many criminal cases, such as drug offences, involve search and seizures that recover contraband or drugs that infringe on your right against unreasonable search and seizure. One duty of a criminal lawyer is to have this evidence suppressed if possible, which can result in the charges against you being dismissed, or a big reduction in the type of charge or penalty.

5. Criminal Lawyers Can Mitigate the Impact to Your Family

Staying out of jail might be your first priority, but if that’s inevitable, an experienced criminal law firm can work with you and your family to reduce the economic impact of a drug case and work to avoid seizure of assets and/or property. No matter what type of criminal charge you face, it’s always a good idea to consult with an experienced criminal lawyer, The sooner you speak with a lawyer, the sooner he or she can start working to protect your rights and make a difference in the outcome of your case.